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Isa is an internationally trained stylist known for his caring demeanor.  Kids of all ages relax at his maroon leather seats, enjoying a perfect trim.  Embroiled in old world grooming traditions, Isa pampers clients with close shaves and hot towel treatments, complete with threading to remove facial hair, avoiding broken capillaries or irritations.

His training includes certifications from Wella, Nioxin and Sono Academy, as well as extensive product knowledge.  Whether it is a routine cut, color or special occasion, Isa provides great service. 


 Toni was trained at Marinello Academy in Connecticut.  He brings substantial  international experience,  providing a full range of services including cut, color and styling,  Toni is best known for his glamorous blowouts. 



Maryo is the founding Creative Director at Man The Barber Club. He grew up learning the business from his father while his passion for people and  hair styling shaped his career.  After a degree from the Renasci Hair Academy, Maryo trained with European masters at Toni & Guy Academy in New York including specialized workshops.  He understands the expectations of his clients who lead dynamic lives juggling diverse roles.  He travels to events in New York or Europe to incorporate the latest trends, making hair care easy and stylish.  

Maryo and his team are particularly proud to support community events such as the charitable St. Baldrick’s “Brave a Shave”benefiting kids with cancer or the Fairfield Prep mother-son fashion show

Maryo’s mission is simply to create the perfect hair for every client, every time.   

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Popular Beard Styles

The Right Beard Shape for You: Basics in determining what's the right look is for you. To help you on your way, we’ve listed a number of different face shapes and the types of beard that suit these.

  • The Round Face

If you have a round face, growing a beard can help to add structure to your visage and create a more angular jawline. The key is to go a little bit longer at the chin, as this elongates the face and makes it appear far less round. Similarly, we recommend that you avoid bushy sideburns and keep the sides of your beard trim, as this will draw attention to the chin and make the face seem a little longer. Men with a rounder face tend to favour full beards, and whilst there’s nothing wrong with this a goatee may offer a better option. This will certainly make round or rotund faces appear leaner, particularly when combined with an extended beard shape and neatly trimmed sideburns. 

  • The Long Face

If you’ve ever been asked “why the long face?”, it may be because you’ve selected the wrong beard type to suit your features.

As this is the exact opposite of a round face, you’ll need to grow a beard that’s fulsome at the sides and cropped at the chin. This will add width to the thinner portions of your face, making it appear a little shorter in the process. With this in mind, a fuller beard is undoubtedly preferable for men with longer faces, as it’s important to retain thicker and fuller sides if you’re to maintain the desired appearance.  Just be sure to avoid abrupt changes in length, as otherwise, the shaping will become obvious and determinantal to your overall look. We’ll offer some tips on how you can achieve this a little later in the piece.

  • The Square Face

In many ways, people with a square jaw and face must deal with similar problems to those with a rounder visage. More specifically, facial hair must be grown to elongate the face and soften the overall look, in order to create a more structured and masculine shape. In this instance, you’ll also need to crop your facial hair at the side and keep it longer at the chin, whilst maintaining a slightly rounder beard in order to soften your jawline.  A goatee beard is also a good idea in this instance, but a fuller alternative may be preferable if you really want to make your face appear less wide.

  • The Broad Face

A broad face may be wide and feature a high forehead, and in this instance, a sculpted or goatee beard will appear out of proportion. As a result, these types of facial hair can make your face appear disproportionately bigger, creating an uneven look that’s far from desirable. To negate this, you need to focus on growing a fulsome and thick beard, whilst also maintaining a large and well-groomed moustache a lot the square face style. We’re also aware that broader faces can be round or square, so pay attention to the shape and follow the relevant steps above to cultivate your look further.

  • The Small Face

If you have a small face that’s relatively angular, you could consider growing designer stubble evenly across your face. A small face will need to focus on growing compact and sculpted beards that are proportionate. Make no mistake; large or more fulsome facial hair styles will appear totally out proportion in this instance, so consider adopting a goatee or chin-strap beard to help make the most of your appearance. This will provide a subtle and manageable beard that does not overwhelm your facial features, while you can experiment with the precise length to suit your expectations.

  • The Oval Face

In many ways, the oval face shape represents the Holy Grail for men who want to grow a beard! After, this is a balanced, symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing shape that is compatible with almost every conceivable beard type, meaning that you can adopt a number of variable options and continue to look your best. Whether you plump for a full and thick beard or a stylish goatee, however, sculpting is still an important consideration if you’re aiming for a deliberate look. This ensures that you tread the fine line between a sculpted beard and one that’s unkempt, which is crucial if you’re to make the most of a symmetrical face.

  • Shaping the Sideburns

If you ever speak to a full-beard enthusiast, you’ll know that they often declare the space where your scalp hair ends and your facial hair begins as “no man’s land”.

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